Τα 16 dots του Φώτη Τσιμέλα

Ο Φώτης Τσιμέλας, publisher του influencers.gr, απαντά σε 16 dots που αφορούν την προσωπικότητά του.

•  Your trip: Tierra del Fuego
•  Your book: Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, Sigm.Freud
•  Your moto: Sleep on it
•  Your song: Μy thieving heart, Sivert Høyem (feat. Marie Munroe)
•  Your colour: Midnight blue
•  Your series: Sopranos
•  Your drink: Scotch
•  Your item: XPS 13
•  Your food: Cheese
•  Your moment of the day: Dawn
•  Your spot: Forest Fog
•  Your town: NYC
•  Your season: Winter
•  Your favorite characteristic on others: Empathy
•  Your flower: Heather
•  Your designer: Alessandro Sartori


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